Monday, May 6, 2013

New Celebrations.

We had our first celebration in our new house! Madelen turned 8 whole years old on May 2nd. And, of course, got our family's traditional breakfast in bed. Breakfast theme was chocolate! *disclaimer* I do not feed my children chocolate for breakfast on a regular basis. We make exceptions for birthdays. 

It's kind of weird having a birthday party in a new house. In our old house, the presents went there, and the food over there, and this is where we stood to sing Happy Birthday. So I had to kind of figure out that stuff as we went at Madelen's little birthday party in our new house. I think I have a new game plan now. ;)

Madelen got the dress and cardigan she has on, from us. That's the present she opened up when she got breakfast in bed. Her big present she'll get when her pappa comes home. 

And here are a few pics of Emilie's 10th birthday party at her great grandparents' house. We were in the middle of the renovating craze so I wasn't blogging. But she deserves some blog time too. ;)

My girls are growing up to be such sweet, kind and helpful young ladies. I'm very proud of them. 

And Rebecca is up next in just 4 weeks! She'll be 5!! F.I.V.E. *faint*


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls! A testament to their mama and papa that they are sweet, kind and helpful. Well done, you!

  2. Awww! Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls! Looks like you'll be making many more memories in the new house soon too!