Monday, May 6, 2013

New Celebrations.

We had our first celebration in our new house! Madelen turned 8 whole years old on May 2nd. And, of course, got our family's traditional breakfast in bed. Breakfast theme was chocolate! *disclaimer* I do not feed my children chocolate for breakfast on a regular basis. We make exceptions for birthdays. 

It's kind of weird having a birthday party in a new house. In our old house, the presents went there, and the food over there, and this is where we stood to sing Happy Birthday. So I had to kind of figure out that stuff as we went at Madelen's little birthday party in our new house. I think I have a new game plan now. ;)

Madelen got the dress and cardigan she has on, from us. That's the present she opened up when she got breakfast in bed. Her big present she'll get when her pappa comes home. 

And here are a few pics of Emilie's 10th birthday party at her great grandparents' house. We were in the middle of the renovating craze so I wasn't blogging. But she deserves some blog time too. ;)

My girls are growing up to be such sweet, kind and helpful young ladies. I'm very proud of them. 

And Rebecca is up next in just 4 weeks! She'll be 5!! F.I.V.E. *faint*

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


We did it. We did. It. Wow.

Sindre had to leave April 24th for 4 weeks offshore. We moved in April 23rd. When did we get running water and a toilet, you ask? April 23rd, my friend. We only decided the day before that we were going to move the next day. We just didn't know if we were going to make it.  Those last 4 days before we moved were CRAZY. Sindre worked 16-17 hours a day on the house. The poor guy didn't get to bed until 12:45 am on Tuesday, the night before he left, and he had to get up at 3:30 to catch his plane. At least he got to sleep 2.5 hours in his own bed in his new house. We have a great view from our bedroom window, by the way. We can see the stars and Duefjellet (Dove Mountain).

I am so insanely, madly proud of Sindre. He worked so hard so that he could get us moved in before he left so I wouldn't be left to do it alone while he was gone. Bad back and moving are not a good combo. I am so over-the-moon in love and in awe of that guy. He is an exceptional man in every way.

But I have to admit, when I woke up Wednesday morning, after he left, to face the chaos after the day before, on my own....well, I was overwhelmed, in pain, and exhausted. It was total chaos and I just didn't know how I was going to find a place for everything and get it organized. Plus we still hadn't gotten everything out of the apartment and it needed cleaning as well. So I just picked at it, one thing at a time. Really, it's all you can do. And I quickly decided that things we didn't have a place for yet, just went back down to the basement to be stored again until we do.

It's a week later and I've somehow managed to get it all done, one thing at a time. Many, many thanks to the great girlfriends in my forening (girls group) who came on Monday and cleaned my house from top to toe. Seriously, these girls had the whole house clean in like 45 minutes. You girls are the best!!! And the apartment is empty and clean as well.

So now I'm starting to feel what it's like to live here. And feels good, really good. It's still a little surreal but it's starting to sink in. We're only missing one very important thing. Sindre. When he comes home, then it will really feel like home. <3

On to the pictures. Maybe we should try a little before and after of the living room. (Don't worry. I'll get to the other rooms eventually.) This is going to be fun!!!

This is the living room when we bought the house. It was actually divided into two different rooms.

This is when we ripped out the walls to see what was underneath. A bit rotten, yes.

This is the same view. This is when the entire wall was ripped out, studs and all, to be replaced. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Windows, studs, insulation, siding. There's really not much left of the old house. Just the floors, chimney, doors, and staircase.

Here we are with new windows. No insulation yet. It was bloody cold. Seriously.

Now we have a new ceiling with spotlights, insulation and new wood paneling.

And...drum roll, it is now.

*insert contented sigh here*

And the other side of the living room. The sofas are actually supposed to stand facing the other way, but we have to have it like this temporarily so we can watch tv in the corner. Eventually, the tv is going down in the basement where we'll have our big entertainment/craft room. So the lamp doesn't quite line up like it's supposed to with the sofas facing this way. 

And this is what we haven't gotten done in the living room. This is where the wood stove is going, to the left and behind the sofas. I just don't know what I want there. Tile, stone, brick??? Suggestions??

This room has totally lived up to my expectations. I love the feel of it. Light and airy but not sterile. Homey. Because that's what it is now. Home.