Thursday, April 18, 2013


Ahhhh! We're soooo close! So close. We've been going full out on the house and using almost every spare minute to work on it. I'm amazed how far it's come just since the last time I updated this blog. We ended up getting the carpenters back to help us for a week and they accomplished a lot. We wouldn't have come this far at all without them. We're *almost* ready to move in except for one very important detail. We still do not have a bathroom or running water. All the plumbing is in. We just need to finish stuff up so that they can put in the hot water tank and install the toilet and sink.

So I really don't know if we'll be able to move in by the May 5th deadline. We just may have to move in with our (wonderful, and extremely helpful and hardworking) in-laws. Sindre heads offshore again next Wednesday for mostly likely 4 weeks. 6 days from now. So ya. Not looking likely.

And I'm no help at all. I've really, really come to realize that I cannot, just plain can't, do anything extra. My back is protesting very loudly and I'm in pain and very limited and very....tired. Can you think of worse timing??? Could it come at a worse time than this? Seriously. I think not. Frustration level: through-the-roof. *sigh* Whatever.

But anyway, enough of the whining and complaining and on to the fun stuff. Pics!! Can I just say that I am soooo very pleased with how things are turning out?! I love, love, love my new house and can't wait to live in it.

My living room. Painted in a "greige" (grey + beige)  colour called "Kalk". Love it!

The trims and molding just went on this week and it made such a difference. Suddenly it looks finished. And elegant. Love the window sills.

The floor is painted in Kalkgr√•, a darker version of the wall colour. Well actually, the whole floor isn't painted yet. Just around the edges so we could get the trims on. 

This is Madelen's room and it's completely finished. We used a slightly lighter paint colour on the floors in the upstairs. 

Emilie's room is completely finished as well, except for the loft which we're not going to finish now. But the floor was still wet when I was taking pictures so I didn't get a picture. 

Our bedroom. Still needs another coat of paint on the floor and around the trims on the walls. 

The upstairs hallway. The carpenters put in the missing paneling and the ceilings last week. We haven't done any painting or touched the floors except for sanding them.

And the finished exterior. We need to paint the trims and it's still missing the stained glass windows on the side porch. New door being installed this week.