Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ye Glorious Summer!

We've been having a beautiful summer! The nicest we've had in at least 4 years. So we've been taking the days as they come with no real plans. Just relaxing. It's really nice after such a hectic year. Sindre is gone offshore again so it's just been the girls and I. Just 6 days til he's home!

We've done a few things around the house both inside and out since we've moved in but nothing that shows much. I finally got my piano in it's spot. And working on the details in the living room and kitchen.

I've also been watching my garden grow. We've figured out that we have 4 black cherry (sweet cherries) trees, 1 red cherry (sour cherries) tree, 1 apple tree, 2 plum trees, blackberries, 3 black currant bushes, and at least 6-7 red currant bushes. I already knew that I really don't like black currants but I'd never really tasted fresh red currants before. And they're really yummy. Sour but good. One of our bushes that gets a lot of sun has already ripened and I've picked about 2 litres of berries. 

The girls helped me clean them and take off the stalks.

I made a yummy dessert from them for the girls and I one evening. We used blueberries and red currants, crushed oatmeal cookies and vanilla sauce. Delicious! 

Now I'm in the process of making red currant jelly. Hope it turns out! 

In just 10 days we're heading to Austria and Italy! Our first European tour and we're so excited. We're driving and will be spending most of our time in northern Italy around Venice and Verona. Praying my back holds out for the long car trip. I'll be sure to post lots of pictures. :) I hope your summer is turning out just as glorious as ours!