Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Final Countdown

I know, I know.... I've been MIA for a very long time. I'm sorry. For a while, there just wasn't much to say, house-wise. Sindre was off in Poland. It was too darn cold for the carpenters to do much. Things were only creeping forward.

Well, things aren't creeping now. To say that it has been busy would be a huge understatement. First of all, we moved. Moving is an insane amount of work. I pity anyone who's in the midst of it. At first, we were packing boxes in a nice orderly, organized fashion and by the end, we were throwing clothes, tools, puzzles and any other random item in the same box. They should be a blast to unpack.  And since our house isn't ready yet, we're now living in a little 2 bedroom basement apartment at Sindre's grandparents' house. It's going very well actually, all things considered.

I also started physiotherapy for my back. I had 2 glorious weeks while I was on anti-inflammatory drugs but apparently I can't take them forever and I'm back at square one again. I've been trying to work part-time, do physio 3 times a week, plus take care of all the house hold chores and the girls and their activities on my own. Which just means I don't have a whole lot of time for blogging, or anything else for that matter. And as a side note, I'm seriously considering becoming a (anti-inflammatory) drug addict. I have more drugs left and they're calling my naaaaaame......

 Sindre's been working like a true hero at the house. He had quite a bit of time off after his stint in Poland. But now he's back to work again so he works all day, comes home and changes and works at the house until late at night. He's totally my hero!! The exterior of our house is finished now. We're only lacking the stained glass windows for the side porch which my wonderful father-in-law is working on restoring for us.

The thing is, we've got to move out of the apartment by May 5th as it's already rented out to tourists from that date. This gives us about 6 weeks to finish the interior of our house. It just ain't gonna happen. So we know we're going to have to move into an unfinished house. That's ok. As long as it's finished enough. We need to be able to make food, use the bathroom, have a shower, wash clothes, and have a place to sleep. Which basically means we need the entire first floor finished and at least one, and hopefully 2 or 3 of the bedrooms upstairs. Everything else will have to wait until later. We have an ultimate goal to be done with the house by Christmas.

So after all the talking, are you ready to see some pictures??? Well here ya go!

The living room ceiling installed. And my dear father-in-law Roy, who is also a real hero!!! I don't know where we'd be without him.

The wood paneling installed. It's even got 2 coats of primer and the beginnings of a coat of actual colour but I don't have a picture of that yet.

The historical tiles for our entry/mudroom. Yet to be installed. I can't wait!!!

The beginnings of a kitchen:

Getting further in the kitchen. I LOVE this wallpaper. I can't tell you how many different wallpapers I looked at before I found this one. I wanted something old-fashioned looking and with a bit of blue. And here we are. It was pricey but I love it enough to be totally worth it.

Looking even more like a kitchen!! There will be white subway tiles above the counter. We've got them just haven't got there yet. And I love it! Very satisfied with my choice. *happy sigh*

And the first coat of paint on the floor in my bedroom (after renting a heavy duty floor sander):


I'm actually not entirely sure about the colour. I wanted grey but not too light or too dark. I think this may be a tad too dark. It looks lighter in this picture cause it's still wet. But I've got 3 more buckets of it so I'll use it up on the upstairs but I may go for a shade lighter for the downstairs. We'll see.

So we're not there yet. But we will be. We have to be. It's the final countdown!